OchsLabs, Inc. offers a variety of products to help you in your practice.  These items can be ordered directly from our office.  Contact one of our Representatives by calling (707) 823-6225 to place your order today.

Ochs Labs offers Professional LENS system products, and a variety of supplies to support our Providers.  Please call us for pricing and ordering details at (707) 823-6225. 


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Are you a licensed Healthcare Practitioner interested in purchasing the LENSware3 System?

We offer financing options! 


The supplies we offer include:

Sensors & Connectors
  • 72"  Green Earclip Sensors

  • 72"  Active (flat) Sensors: available in 7 different colors

  • 72"  Black Earclip Sensors

  • 72" Sensors Sets


Support Items
Software & Amplifier
  • LENSware3 Complete System

  • A200 EEG Unit

  • LENSware3 Software

  • LENSware3 2-Channel Software

  • Suppression Maps

  • BodyLENSTM


  • NuPrep Gel

  • Ten20 Paste

  • Individual Jumper Cable

These books are also available on

PLEASE NOTE:  This device is only available for sale to Licensed Healthcare Professionals.  Federal (U.S.A.) law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a practitioner licensed by law of the State in which he/she practices to use or order this device.

*There is a 10% restocking fee on all returned supply items within 30 days of original purchase date.  There is a 20% restocking fee on all returned LENSware, BodyLENS and Photonic Stimulator items within 30 days of original purchase date.  All purchased items are nonrefundable after the 30 day time period.  Also, items returned damaged will not be refunded regardless of date returned.   

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